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David Kent is the owner of  Roadwise Driving School


I have lived in Nelson, for the past 15 years with my wife and daughter.  I have been active in the community with a variety of sports including mountain biking, kayaking, swimming and enjoy walking our two dogs.


I had professional driving training as a driving instructor in the busy streets of the UK from 2002. The skills that I learnt have helped me to develop a lifelong safe driving habit.


Having helped raise a teenager I am aware of how vital it is to give young people the very best defensive driving skills possible to prepare them for driving safely in our fast moving world.


I enjoy teaching people of all ages and degrees of experience.   I hold a Class 1 I NZTA endorsed fully qualified driving instructor licence. I am inspired to train new drivers to be skilled, safe and defensive. My gentle, adaptable, patient and analytical personality supports effective instruction for all ages, personalities and levels of experience.


I look forward to helping people in the Nelson/Tasman Area become highly skilled, safe drivers.

"Thanks so much David from Roadwise, at doing a great job teaching my son the rules of the road and helping him pass successfully. I can highly recommend your services and we will be back when child number 2 is ready at the end of this year". - D.K.

My Mission Statement:


At Roadwise Driving School you will learn to drive with proficiency, confidence and safety with a qualified, licensed driving instructor. I teach the latest defensive driving methods with patience, clarity and competence to help you become the very best driver that you can possibly be for life,  not just training to pass the full license test.



Empowering independence for new, challenged and senior drivers

Creating affordable driving lessons for all

Meet each person’s learning style and needs

Provide safe drivers with defensive habits in our community and region



Focused attention to our students during a full lesson

Punctuality and schedules are important

 A student pick up and drop off service is provided


I hope this website will help you make one of the most important life decisions -- that is, which Driver Training School is the best for you. Contact me with any questions you may have.ay have


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