Roadwise Driving School Testimonials

"Higher recommend this driving school. David is a really friendly and helpful instructor. He told me the route in Nelson let me pass the restricted test more easy. I’m really happy I passed the test in 1st time. Much appreciate :)"

 - Suzie

"Definitely recommend David as a driving instructor! He's super friendly, patient and full of useful tips. Made getting my restricted easy and passed on the first try! " - Rumour

"Would recommend to others because the lessons are made really easy and enjoyable I learned heaps compared to before I started.

Thanks heaps for helping me pass my restricted first try". - Jaydin

"Awesome driving school! David is always calm, enthusiastic and helpful at teaching the road rules and how to operate a car. Very accommodating to learn manual driving. I was able to pass my Manual restricted test on the first go, with full confidence that I was ready. Would definitely recommend!." - Isabelle

"Thanks David for the lessons! I recommend David for anyone learning to drive, he’s very helpful and explains exactly how to improve your mistakes:)!"

 - Sophie

"Highly recommend Roadwise driving lessons with David. Very patient and understanding, no matter what level you're at! After only having three lessons, I passed first go!!" -  Taleina

"Really enjoyed my lesson with David that I had before I went for my full licence! Without his help I definitely would not have passed first go as he helped me reinforce the skills that I had forgotten over the past 2 years! Thanks David! Highly recommend! " -  Maddie

"David​ is the best driving instructor lesson in Nelson, he so calm and friendly, thank"Fantastic instructor!!! Patient and our son enjoyed his time learning from him. A+++ "  Jared.

"A great big thumbs up to roadwise! 👍
After a few lessons our 17 year old sat her restricted license and passed. We thank you for your patience and kindness in helping our girl achieve this.
I recommend Roadwise to any parent who is struggling to teach their teenager the finer points of driving.
Thanks Roadwise"
Extremely happy parents  - Amanda

"Had a great lesson with Dave today very supportive passed 100% highly recommend!" - Jamie

"Great lessons, informative and straightforward exactly what you need for any license stage. 10/10" - Killian

"David is amazing!! I did a few lessons in a manual and passed piece of cake!! He is understanding and makes sure you understand everything!! Highly recommended!!" - Reese

"Thank you David for helping me pass my restricted test first time!!! you’re such an incredible instructor by building my confidence and encouraging me that I could achieve it. I have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone thanks David". - Olivia

"David is such a calm and nice instructor learnt really fast off him with a couple of mock tests I was ready for my restricted and wouldn't have been able to pass the first time without him. Thanks, heaps". - Samantha

"Thanks so much David from Roadwise, at doing a great job teaching my son the rules of the road and helping him pass successfully. I can highly recommend your services and we will be back when child number 2 is ready at the end of this year". - Daphna


"Thank you to roadwise for helping me be Prepared for my full license test which they helped me a lot as I passed my full today so wana say thank u for helping me would recommend for others to take practice test with roadwise as they are very helpful". - Ana

"Nice and easy instructions. Very informative about the test and mock test".

 - B.M.

"Thank you so much David for your help. Your shared knowledge and skills, guidance, patience and lots of encouragement made me pass the restricted driving test. I was about to let go of driving manual because I find it too hard but with you tips and coaching at my own pace of learning; I was able to understand driving a manual car and now enjoying it. Thank you once again. David is a very kind person and the best teacher!!" - E.K.

"Had one lesson with David and then passed the next week". - Tobias


"Awesome instructor. Highly recommend". - Tammie

"David is a nice person, a great instructor, very patient to teach, and he helping me pass my restricted test first time. You helped me building my confidence and encouraged me that I could achieve it.

I did it because what you taught me. Thank you very much David!"

-  Daniela

"David is calm funny person helps to make you feel relaxed I learnt pretty fast with a couple of lessons that gave me the confidence in taking my restricted I passed first-time thanks David really appreciate your time". - Sam

"You learn some very crucial skills at an extremely affordable price. Thanks David!" - Billie

"David was very patient and calm with my daughter during the lessons. She was thrilled to pass her restricted on the first try." - Sue

"Highly recommended. Efficient, affordable and professional". - Ross

"David is a goldmine of a driving instructor. Clued up and patient with a gift for teaching. I feel confident and safe while driving and I have David to thank for that. I used to be intimidated by driving and now that seems absurd. I truly recommend David." - Timmy

"Thanks a lot for your help! Your mock test helped me pass my restricted on first attempt! Cheers Highly recommended!" -  S.R.

"My 3 driving lessons with David helped me to pass my driving test the first time! His tips, tricks and encouragement made me feel well prepared heading into my test. He is calm, patient and I highly recommend his driving lesson services." - Kim

"My daughter did the mock restricted test and passed her test first time. You guys are awesome. Cool, calm and collected which makes for a relaxed driver." - Gail

"I had several driving lessons with David cause of my lack of confidence and my fear of driving I hadn't driven for 20 years,
David changed all of that for me, he is a great person he made me feel very comfortable about driving, he taught me so much,  he was relaxed and always made sure I was too.
I highly recommend anyone who wants to learn how to drive to do their lessons with David, and because of what David taught me 20 years after getting my learners licence I can now say I passed my restricted 😊
so thank you very much David for everything". - Paulette

"David helped my daughter so much with getting her restricted license! He was patient, encouraging and thorough. I would highly recommend his driving school ". - Michelle

"I recommend road wise as a very good driving instructor. 5 star rating from me". - Belinda


"Had my second lesson with Roadwise Driving School yesterday, stress-free and so helpful! Can’t wait to have more lessons". - Lily

"If you are struggling with any aspect of driving even if it's just feeling not confident enough David is the person to go to. He will make sure you are prepared for your practical driving test. Even if you have been driving since many years, like I was, he still has tips and tricks to teach you to be more safe while driving on the road.
Highly recommended. Cheers". - Shafaq

"David was very informative and helpful during the lesson. I am sure I would not have passed without his insight. Definitely recommend! Cheers!" - R.P.

"My son had 3 lessons with David at Roadwise. We used a professional instructor because we are from Golden Bay and we needed some practice in Nelson with a skilled instructor instead of just me.
They pick up on things I wouldn't and are probably a lot calmer. They also know exactly what is required of a new driver going for a restricted licence.

The first couple of trips I stayed out of the car and left them to it. Luan found David to be friendly, relaxed and a real bonus to his learning.
I went along on the last trip and found the same of David.
He really is a great person for the job.
It is with pleasure that I place this genuine feedback.
My son has passed his restricted and now driving his own vehicle confidently around town." - Jonathan

"Thank you so much for Helping Storm get her restricted licence, you are amazing". - Magda

"Roadwise helped me so much. I only had three lessons and helped me feel more confident driving, I just passed my restricted test first try!!" - Zoe

"One of the best Driving School in Nelson, I would like to personally recommend Roadwise Driving School to all of those who want to get a lesson for the driving test. 5-star rating from me. Thank you Roadwise. Cheers".  - Chintan

"Only done two lessons and I passed my restricted today thanks to Roadwise. Really easy to mellow out with and a great instructor." - Dani

"Had such a great experience with Roadside brushing up before my licence conversion test last year. Great advice, tips and training." - Jamie Lee

It was great fun working and learning off him I passed with flying colours I wouldn't have been able to do it without my lessons thanks heaps !!!" 

- Bailey

"Took a driving lesson with David after failing my test whilst converting my international to NZ. David is a fantastic driving instructor - so chill and friendly, gave lots of advice and helpful tips for my upcoming test. Taking the test the second time around, I felt so much more confident and prepared and passed with flying colours. So chuffed, thanks so much David!" - Marit

"Thank you so much for your help
I tried 2 times to pass test but couldn’t. With David’s help I’ve passed so easily

Would highly recommend
Thanks again". - N.N.

"Very helpful would recommend Roadwise to anyone. Anything you want to overcome in driving David’s the man to see". - Tara

"Thank you so much. Passed my license thanks to David's lessons, taught me how to reverse park in one lesson. Highly recommend". - Jeri

"Really good driving instructor, always very patient and calm. Makes you feel very comfortable and confident on lessons. Helped me pass my restricted, 10/10 would recommend". - Michaela


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