Advanced Driver Training for Businesses

If you own a business you have a responsibility to make sure that your drivers are fully qualified, excellent drivers with a full understanding of their health & safety obligations. 


Safe Driving Policy

We can assist you in preparing a comprehensive Safe Driving Policy that meets all required health & safety requirements, enabling your business to make sure that your drivers are skilled and competent. It will be prepared on the basis of the NZTA Safe Driving Policy.


NZTA Safe Driving Policy


Advanced Driver Assessment & Training

This is an opportunity for you and your drivers to ensure that they are driving to a high standard

with the highest skill level possible.  The results from this training are numerous:

* The risk of accident & injury is reduced

* There are cost savings resulting from increased fuel efficiency and vehicle maintenance along        with fewer insurance claims and fines.

* You are able to meet all health & safety requirements

* Staff are happier because they feel more confident in their ability to drive safely and efficiently.


Induction of New Drivers

It is important to make sure that all new employees have the skills to safely drive your vehicles. Some will be from other countries where driving practices are different to those in NZ. Ensure the safety of your vehicles and drivers by enrolling new staff on a New Driver Induction Course.


Risk Assessment for Drivers

It is becoming company policy in some instances to annually assess their drivers.  This ensures that their skill levels are being maintained and all health & safety obligations are being met. This benefits both your business and your drivers.  




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