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Learn to drive with a professional driving instructor or upskill to become a better defensive driver and become safer on our roads.  Have your driving lessons in a modern, dual-control car or in your own vehicle. Instructor David Kent is passionate about teaching driving to people of all ages. Book your first lesson today.

"This was without a doubt the best driving school I've been to! David's lessons were calm, informative and really helpful. I passed first try and

I really owe it to these lessons".  -  C. M.

What Can I Do For You?





Are you looking for a Driving School in Nelson/Tasman that will give you that personal one on one service and individual attention you deserve in a modern car with dual controls for extra reassurance?


Are you looking for a Driving School that will provide you with an honest assessment and opinion of the training that you require but will not try to sell you more lessons than you need?


Are you looking for a Driving School where, regardless of your age, gender, cultural background or level of ability, you will be treated with respect as a valued client?


Are you looking for a Driving School that knows “one size does not fit all” when it comes to teaching – and knows it is the responsibility of the Driving Instructor not the student to figure out how to get the message across to each individual?


Answer YES to any of these questions and Roadwise Driving School is definitely the right choice for you when you are looking for Driving Lessons.


For professional information and advice Contact me Now to discuss how best I can help you.how I can best help you.

"Highly recommended. Efficient, affordable and professional". - R. M.

Driving lessons

If you have never driven before I will teach you all the skills required to drive safely with Defensive Driving skills that will set you up for a lifetime of safe driving and enable you to pass your New Zealand Drivers Licence.

Driving lessons

If you hold a New Zealand Learner Licence I can teach you what is required to obtain your  Restricted Licence along with building a solid foundation of road skills for life.

Driving lessons

If you hold a New Zealand Restricted Licence I can help you:

  • Improve your driving skills and build your confidence.

  • Learn how to pass the Practical Driving Test for your Full Licence.

  • I like to work with parents of young pupils to keep them informed of progress.

Driving lessons

If you hold a New Zealand Full Licence I can help you:

  • Refresh your driving skills prior to doing the Practical Driving Test for licence renewal.

  • Regain your confidence if you have not driven for some time – perhaps several years.

Driving lessons

If you hold an Overseas Licence I can help you:

  • Adapt your driving skills to meet New Zealand conditions and requirements.

  • Learn how to pass the Practical Driving Test.

  • Convert your overseas licence to a New Zealand Licence.

Driving lessons

Learn to drive a Manual

  •  You can learn to drive a manual (maybe you’ve scored a new job and a company
     vehicle – but it’s  a manual)

"David helped my daughter so much with getting her restricted license! He was patient, encouraging and thorough. I would highly recommend his driving school". - M. M.

Are you not sure if you are ready to successfully

pass your practical driving test?

Have you failed your driving practical test and

lost your confidence?

There is a much higher chance of passing your practical driving test if you have  some pre-test instruction for the following reasons:


  • I cover all the different requirements of the practical test.

  • The pre-test assessment can be done in the testing area, so you will be familiar
    with this on the day of the test.

  • I can point out bad driving habits that one picks up driving their own vehicle.


Note: It is preferable to do the pre-driving test assessment in the vehicle that you are using on the day of the test.  However, our vehicles can be used if you prefer. Cost $40.


Simulated Driving Test

I offer a simulated driving test to help prepare you for your official test.  This helps to identify any aspects of your driving performance that need a final polish while giving you added confidence that you are going into your test fully prepared.


In the message selection below please indicated whether you wish to do a Simulated Restricted Test or Full Test.


Please also indicate if you wish to sit the test in a Manual, Automatic or your Own Car.



At                    I  provide driving lessons for everyone at all levels regardless of your age, gender, cultural background or skill level.


Whether learning to drive, preparing for a test, an assessment, or regaining your confidence Roadwise Driving Tuition will provide you with the lessons you need to help you achieve your driving goals.


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